The Collegiate Cheapskate

At many Universities, getting in-state tuition offers students substantial discounts as well as access to grants and other financial instruments. Some Universities grant you in- state tuition if you have lived there for a year. Others will give it to you if you have owned a business in the state for at least a year. If your University accepts the latter, file the paperwork and pay the small fee to register your own business. After a year, claim that your business earned $0 in revenue and spent $0 on expenses. You will devote a little time to paperwork and spend maybe $100 dollars (contingent on each state and municipality) to register your business, but in return you’ll save thousands on tuition. It is also prudent to keep old college identification cards. Students receive many discounts at various establishments around the world. So if you’re ID has an expiration date, “accidentally” loose it and get it replaced during your final semester; allowing you to squeeze the final juices from your glory years.