Saving on Clothing

Unless you’re a nudist, your clothing costs can surely be reduced. Yes you could learn to mend, sew, hem and stitch, but there are other tactics that can be just as beneficial. Saving money is easy if you don’t have to buy new clothing as often. Therefore, take care of the clothes you have. Always fold after washing and never over-stuff your drawers. Avoid unflattering creases and indentations along the shoulder, collar, and neck regions by using padded hangers. Although these satin or velvet hangers are slightly more expensive, they are an investment that will pay off tenfold. With regards to washing habits, always remove the plastic bags after dry cleaning (also spot clean in between dry cleans) and zip up all the zippers before washing. This will inhibit the metal teeth from grinding other articles as they tumble around in the washer and dryer.

For the frugal fashionistas out there who can’t live without high-end outfits, it pays to hunt around. Many stores put their most profitable items centrally on the main floor. Digging around and combing through racks at the peripheries will yield far better deals than the primary showcase area. It also pays to invest in accessories, to avoid trends, and to skip the factory outlets. Regarding the latter, you’ll find that, although they heavily mark down their merchandise, they arbitrarily inflate the “retail” price and then reduce it to give the illusion of a discount. Further, most of what you will find are the losers from last season (there’s a reason that poor fitting, oddly colored dress didn’t sell).

Before you buy anything (all you compulsive shoppers out there), count to three and think if you really need it. Shop for the life you have, not the life you think you might have a few years down the road. You don’t need a fur coat for your future winter cottage in Aspen. Also realize that cheap isn’t free. Just because an item is inexpensive doesn’t mean you should buy it for that reason alone.

A few sites to find reasonably priced, designer goods include Tradesy and Poshmark. It should also be noted that selling old clothes to finance the acquisition of new ones can help reduce closet clutter and diminish your clothing habit’s drain on your coin purse.

If you have some similarly sized friends, know that sharing is caring. Swap a few things here and there and you’ll both be winners. Also, when attending fancy events, renting a dress or tuxedo is a lot smarter than buying one and letting it sit, unused, for years in your closet.