Cheapskate At The Arcade

You could be a snot-nosed kid at Chuck E. Cheese’s or a full grown man-child at Dave & Buster’s, but regardless of your age and social status, those shitty arcade prizes are simply irresistible. You might be under the misconception that only Skee-Ball masters and b-ballers have what it takes to win the mother load. However, with the right approach, even a buffoon among bozos could finagle enough tickets for that big-ass stuffed animal. When using an older machine, don’t just yank out your your tickets like you yank your prick. Instead, with a firm grip close to the top, pull down slowly and steadily. If you do it right, you’ll likely get an extra three to five tickets.

If you reach up close to the ticket dispenser and pull very carefully, sometimes two extra tickets will come out. On many occasion, after the two initial tickets are slowly withdrawn, you can hear a small pin click inside the machine, which allows you to pull out as many tickets as you want. When you find yourself in front of an automatic ticket counter, string your tickets through the counting aperture then wiggle them in and out like you’re beating your meat. This will trick the machine to continue counting as long as you continue the old in out in out action.

Some claw machines (especially older ones) can be tricked if you catch the toy before it hits the sensor at the bottom of the prize opening (allowing you to get more than one toy). If you like playing Stacker, when you win the minor prize, hit start and then continue really fast and you’ll get all of the minor prizes in that particular section. Cheat codes and GameSharks be damned, the best cheats come with prizes at the end.