How To Live Cheaply In Nairobi

Life in Nairobi is costly compared to other cities in Kenya. It appears as if every product and service costs more than it should. Before you realize this, your entire paycheck will already be depleted. Perhaps you need ways of stretching that check; and if so, then this post is your ultimate solution. You can save money during your time in Nairobi in various areas of your life by minimizing higher budgets to attain affordable shortcuts. Whether you intend to change your entire lifestyle or you are simply after small amendments, saving your cash is beneficial for both you and your future. 

Group Your Spending Patterns 

Typical expenses for a city resident are comprised of food, clothing, housing, entertainment, utilities, medical care, and travel. Start by revisiting your credit card statements and written checks for the previous months. Sum up the money you spent on these two areas plus any other categories that are specific to you. After doing this exercise, the next thing would be to analyze your spending. Gathering this information helps in comparing the totals in all the categories. Ask yourself whether the totals are reasonable, especially after viewing them as a percentage of your total paycheck. 

Prepare a Budget        

Creating a budget is key to saving money and living a cheap lifestyle in Nairobi city. Fix a monthly target on the amount of money you set aside for every category. Tips for budgeting your money are essential in this area. Financial experts usually recommend spending not more than thirty percent of your monthly earnings on housing facility. Perhaps this is not realistic to your physical location in the city; it would be necessary for changing the neighborhoods. Creating your budget enables you to determine the areas that need a reduction in the costs incurred. Come up with ways of saving in these categories. Consider your most significant expenses in priority.

Buy Listed Items in Bulk

Another critical strategy of saving money in city life is the secret of shopping with a list. This tip is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Prepare a list of all the food items you intend to buy then restrict yourself on the listed items when shopping. Impulse purchasing usually doubles or triples your grocery bill, and eventually results in things you didn’t plan. Shopping for non-perishable products in bulk is an excellent way of saving your money in the city. These items may include frozen foods, cooking oils, common spices, dry boxed goods, canned items, pasta, and other household stuff like paper towels and toilet papers.

Avoid Buying Pre-Made Food

Another tip for saving your money and living an affordable life in Nairobi is cooking from scratch. This habit is a great way of curtailing the high costs incurred on food at home. Most residents in Nairobi prefer buying pre-made food. While this may seem convenient at some point, it is relatively expensive. Buying the ingredients and preparing the meals from scratch saves on the costs fact, opting for staple ingredients over the pre-made meals makes you cook more food at less money. 

Choose For Cheaper Neighborhoods

While it may seem to be painful, moving just a few blocks saves your money in the city. People who have had the opportunity of relocating to the outskirts of Nairobi city have made significant savings of their incomes. You could save some cash on transportation and housing just by moving closer to your place of work. 

Utilize the Free Community Resources

Save on your entertainment costs by finding free or cheap events sponsored by the county government of Nairobi city. There may be more current events than you may be informed. Confirm with the prevailing city recreation department for any fun activities. Nairobi city sponsors free art exhibits every year. Besides, public city museums also provide free access most often.


To most nairobians, following the advice above is not an easy task. Most of the tips mentioned here require total sacrifice, denial of modern convenience and relaxation; however, there are numerous future benefits accrued. Try now and enjoy these many rewards of saving your money and living a cheap life in Nairobi!

Cheap Living And Traveling In Chelyabinsk On A Budget

Want to visit Chelyabinsk? Well you’re in luck, because this guide outlines the best ways to live in and travel to Chelyabinsk Russia as cheap as possible. Chelyabinsk is an interesting Russian city, and is famous for the Chelyabinsk Event — where a meteorite blazed through the atmosphere and struck the ground in 2013. But without further ado, here are some inexpensive ways to travel and live if you find yourself in Chelyabinsk.

Cheapest Way To Get To The City From The Chelyabinsk Airport

The cheapest way to get from the airport to the city center is by bus №1. It runs every 20 minutes daily from 7:00 to 20:00. This is not the fastest means of public transportation, but definitely the cheapest way to get to the city from the airport. The trip will cost a mere 23 rubles ($0.35).

Alternative options include taxis such as Uber or the local Yandex taxis, which are very common in Chelyabinsk. A trip to the center in a taxi will cost around 500 rubles ($7.8).

Cheap Accommodation in Chelyabinsk

One of the favorite places among tourists and local travelers alike for budget accommodation is a hostel called “Horoshii”, located at Novorossiyskaya st, 9. A bed in this hostel will cost about 350 rubles ($5.4) per night, while a single room will run you 900 rubles ($ 13.8). It is a good place, but the only caveat is that it is not located in the center of the city. Hotels in the center will cost you 1500R ($23) per night.

Cheap Shopping In Chelyabinsk

Stocks of branded items with good discounts in Chelyabinsk are not easy to find. One of the best places to find cheap shopping deals is the “Familia” store at Moldavskaya st, 16. Levis, Zara, Massimo Dutti, and other branded items can often be found here. However, on arrival days when the stock arrives, crowds of people often there to take advantage of the deals and find the best stuff.

Cheap and Tasty Food In Chelyabinsk

One of the most popular places for locals and visitors to get cheap food is the Patriot canteen. In Chelyabinsk, the Patriot canteen has 15 locations in various parts of the city. Here you can have a tasty lunch that will cost you 300 rubles ($4.6) on average.

If you are more attracted to restaurant-style food establishments, then one of the most famous places is the Svoya Companiya. In the city they have five different locations. Here you can eat for 700 rubles ($10.7), but in this restaurant there are often long queues and wait times. During busy days, you might have to wait 20-30 minutes if you have not made a reservation in advance.

Free Food In Chelyabinsk

While free food cannot be found in Chelyabinsk year round, you can get food for free during the holidays. For example, on May 9th, everyone is treated to complementary soldier porridge. Many people donate food for free when moving as well. They do it through the social network vkontakte in the group besplatno_chel_eda, so make sure to check that out while you’re there.

Cheap Entertainment And Fun In Chelyabinsk

If you like to dance, be sure to visit Bachata dancing in Chelyabinsk. They gather every Wednesday in the very center of the city — Kirova st, 110. Entrance costs only 100 rubles ($1.5).

Saving Money In Marrakech

The Where, Why, and How Cheap Of Morocco’s Capital City

Thinking about where your next destination might be? If you’re looking for adventures to be had while on a budget, then the city of Marrakech is your answer. Alive with an eclectic blend of unique culture, exquisite architecture, arts and adventures about which no others can be compared, you can easily see why tourists name it the heart, soul, and cultural bellwether of the country. Here, a guide to touring Morocco’s red city without exhausting your wallet.

The Perfect Time To Visit Marrakech

Marrakech has sunny weather throughout the year, making it a tourist go-to destination. However, Mild temperatures and the lower amount of tourists make spring and fall the best times to explore the city. The beginning of the summer has nice weather as well, while July to September cannot be tolerated if you are not used to extremely high temperatures.

Where To Stay For Cheep In Marrakech

The Riads are the most common places where visitors prefer to stay, which are traditional Moroccan houses with courtyard or a garden in the middle. We strongly recommend staying in one for the experience of it alone, and of course, because they are a lot cheaper than hotels. They are all over the medina where most historic attractions are located. Riads like Riad Rainbow Marrakech offer a six-bed room for as cheap as $6 USD per night for a bed. It is safe, clean, offers Wi-Fi and is a great place to meet other travelers from around the world. However, if you rae looking for something less communal, Riad Tamazouzt, Dar Lilas, and The Arabic House can be as little as $25 USD per night for a private room.

Where To Eat For Cheap In Marrakech

Marrakech Food Tours organizes a street food tour around the medina. It is a three and a half hour walk, hopping from one food place to another. Do this tour on the first evening in Marrakech so that if you like a place, you can pin it on your app or remember the surrounding landmarks so that you can return to it. Ask your guide — usually either Youssef or Amanda — about their other safe and excellent recommendations. This tour wis great and extremely informative, but for $65 USD for adults and $3 USD for kids (5-12), it’s a bit pricy for the cheapest of travelers.

Cheap Things To Do In Marrakech

Jamaa el-fnaa, a Square located in the city, it is a popular courtyard for entertainment and shopping for Moroccans and tourists alike, so it is widely regarded as the heart of the city. Tourists come from all parts of the world to enjoy seeing the beautiful shows and street art / performances that are held in the area — especially the death defying snake charmers, the great storytellers, as well as exciting musical and theatric displays with dancing, and fancy costumes. There are also henna tattoo artists and various other things to do and see to some up the unique heritage of the city. Jamaa el-Fnaa has even been included in the list of the top intangible heritage destinations of humanity by UNESCO in 2001.

Another cheap yet rewarding place to visit in Marrakech is Koutobia Mosque, the spiritual center of Marrakech. The Koutoubia silo is one of the most famous minarets in the architecture of the Islamic Maghreb, and is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. This magnificent structure, with its towering height and majestic body, perfectly compliment the splendor of the natural panorama of the city.

Jardin Majorelle is a jewel of greenery and color within the city, a small sanctuary of peace located in the heart of Marrakesh. This garden oasis was created in 1931 by the French painter and artisan Jacques Majorelle, later being saved and restored by the designer Yves ST. Laurent, who once owned the gardens. Entrance into the garden is $7.

Saadian Tombs are another can’t-miss attraction in Marrakesh. The tombs of the Saadian date back to the 1500s during the rules of sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur of the Saadian dynasty. They are among the historical attractions and cultural features of the Red City, which is a favorite among history buffs and lovers of early civilizations. It is a unique and special place that adds to the cultural richness of the Red City. This archeology site is the burial ground of the sultan, his family, soldiers, and servants. They are open to visit from 9am to 4:45pm at a price of $1 for adults and 30 US cents for kids.

Among the Moorish mosques and places in the city, you will find one of the most awe-inspiring places in Marrakech to be Bahia Place, with its intricate, kaleidoscope-like tile work and lush gardens with reflective pools. Entrance is the equivalent of $2 USD, open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Cheap Drinks & Nightlife In Marrakesh

Although Marrakech is known first and foremost for its natural and historical treasures, its interesting nightlife is also a great source of enjoyment for frugal tourists. An array of entertainment spots cater to all sorts of tastes and reflect the country’s diverse history. The following are some places to consider if you want to get a cheeky drink on for cheap:

  • La Salama Restaurant and Lounge located near jamaa el-fenaa — The food menu at La Salama is all Moroccan, and it rages between 15 and 30 USD. The décor is a blend of traditional Moroccan riad and the look and feel of a jazz bar. On the roof top you can enjoy hookah and cocktails (two for the experience of one cocktails).
  • Dar Anika — Dar Anika is a great place for a romantic nightcap with a roof top level view. Their staff is very friendly and the owner is always around to check in on the guests and make sure they are well attended to.
  • Mama Afrika — If you want to have a taste of sub-Saharan Africa, Mama Africa is your best bet. It has funky décor and great food that is miles different than the local cuisine.
  • Theatro — As an outstanding nightclub that is known for its amazing performances with dancers and acrobats. you can go there to see international DJs. However, there is a catch for the cheapskates out there… and that is the price tag. The entrance fee is about $20 USD, and a table with a bottle of choice starts at $100 USD.

Cheap Fun In Frankfurt

A Candid Discussion on the Cheaper Side Of Frankfurt

General Cheap Shopping In Frankfurt

For household items, word on the street is that Leipziger Strasse has those cheap household items. There are many shops such as Mixx,Tiger, Tedi, and Woolworth. If you’re into online shopping, will likely have what you’re looking for on the cheap. And for fresh food and groceries, Lidi and Aldi are notoriously cheap supermarkets that can be found throughout Frankfurt. For clothes shopping in Frankfurt, you have places like Primark and C&A, and for cosmetics, healthcare items, household products, and health food, you have DM. If you’re in the market for second hand TVs, the Flohmarkt in höchst (Samstag und Donnerstag) has you covered. But if your shopping in Frankfurt for specific items, there are a few tricks you should know.

Cheapest SIM Cards In Frankfurt

With sim cards, for instance. Our so-called friend thought the cheapest prepaid sim card in Germany was like Lebara or some shit with shops er’where for only 8.00 Euro with 2GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and sms exchanges. We suggested to our friend to consider the cheeky Telecommunication Company YourFone. White-Boy Jimmy spoke up saying, “MediaMart has sim cards for sale at 9.99 Euros.” I was all, “True, but AldiTalk got those Johnny Blazin cheap sim cards and data plans up in Frankfurt for 7.99 Euros per month with unlimited calls and texts plus 1.5GB data.” White-Boy Jimmy asked, “But you gotta register that shit doe?”. I Said “Yeah. Just show the cunts your passport and theyll log it…. a simple task you nitwit son of a twat.” I thought again to myself and realized that I forgot about WhatsAppSim. “You can get more flexible plan and bundle shit together with those Facebook fucks for the cheapest and most versatile prepaid sim card in Germany. For 10-15 Euro, you can bundle the mobile minutes with the data, texts, n’ shit with their monthly 10-Euro plan. The bundle comes with 2000 Units, which can be exchanged for any mix of calls, text messages, and data usage. And the best part is, you will still have internet when the 2000 Units are all spent up, but it’ll just be at a slower speed.”

Cheapest Airlines From Frankfurt to the US

Then our friend J.Q asked us if we knew anywhere to get cheap airlines that fly out of Frankfurt to the US? Homey was even trynna get those last minute flight plans hooked up and prefered not to spend €1,000. We be like,l “J.Q, where in the US you finna go:?” and J.Q said anywhere in the southwest or western part of the US would be be fine. I told her you can find some bomb deals if you fly out of Dusseldorf or even Berlin, but she wasnt had’n dat. We were like, ok, Wow Air hoos it up some times with some cheap cheeky last minute airline flights, or check out Norwegian, Icelandair, and Air Condor, thy have great deals consistently and on a regular basis. Alternatively, doe J.Q bro,” I said, “you can also look for SAS.” Then J.Q was like “ what dat doe?” and I be “Scandinavian Airlines doe”. I piqued J.Q’s interest so the girl asked more follow up questions. I told her Condor has those cheeky flight deals to Seattle and Portland, but if you make an extended layover in Heathrow, you can take a cheeky stopover in London. I told the fool Amsterdam’s what’s up and stopovers there are also an option. But then our buddy Skippy started pontificating about SkyScanner and we were like… Duh Skippy, you dumb cunt. But Norwegian Air has it on lock doe with that 400 Euro shit.  

Pinching Pennys In Prague

How To Cheaply Live And Travel In Prague On A Budget

So you’ve just landed in Prague and your pockets are nearly empty… Welcome. As the capital city in the Czech Republic, Prague is of course full of historical monuments, but also shops, clubs and other entertainment venues that an adept cheapskate can enjoy on a budget.

Cheaply Seeing The Sites In Prague

Of the many historic sites in Prague, Prague Castle is one of the more popular, and you can visit this area free of charge. But while the entrance to the castle area is free of charge, you still have to pay to visit the interior of the castle. Click here for more info on Prague Castle.

Along with Prague Castle, Petřín hill is an amazing place that is free to visit in Prague. Petřín hill is place with beautiful gardens and one of the most romantic atmospheres, the perfect place for a cheap date. On top of Petřín hill. is Petřín Loockout Tower. If you feel like splurging, it’ll cost ya 150 CZK to visit the top.

Another historically important monument is also the oldest bridge in Prague, Charles bridge. By the bridge and in the surrounding area you can find many historical statues and beautiful towers on both sides of the bridge. The Staroměstská and Malostranská towers are also popular attractions in the area, showcasing some of the most impressive gothic architecture in the world. But if you want to get inside, you have to pay.

From Charles bridge you can go directly to the Old Town Square. This area is full of historical monuments, museum etc., the most famous of which being the Astronomical Clock. The clock strikes at both 9am and 11pm, at which point twelve Apostles are set into motion.After Old Town Square you can make a quick visit to Venceslas Square. The area is full of shops, restaurants, clubs, and more. Furthermore, the country’s National Museum is also located in this area. Learn more about their exhibitions and opening hours at their website.

Prague is full of interesting places of historical value, and at Prague City Line you can find loads of information about the city as well as a guide for a do-it-yourself city walking tour. Sightseeing tours are generally very expensive, but with helpful books and sites like Prague City Line to guide you through every aspect of the city, you can see all the historical sites without skipping a beat.

A lot of monuments are close to each other, so we recommend walk from one to the next as you’ll save a bunch of money on transportation.

Cheap Food In Prague

But enough of the site seeing, you’re probably hungry. In Prague there are many types of restaurants and fast food places. Generally, in shopping centers such as a Palladium, Nový Smíchov, or Quadrio you can find a wide variety of cheap and fast foods from restaurants in their food courts. A place where you shouldn’t get food is on the Venceslas Square. It is very expensive is to buy food on the streets in this area. If you are looking to try typical Czech cuisine, U Medvídků comes highly recommended. Be it either here or and a similar restaurant, it is typically cheaper to order from the menu of the day, which offers five kinds of food specials daily that are cheaper than comparable items on the main menu.

Cheap Places To Hang Out In Prague

If you stay in Prague for long periods of time, there are many options for cheap hobbies and things to entertain yourself. You can find many interesting event that free of charge to attend. Check City Bee and Vstup Zdarma for exact info on the rich programs and the events that occur as well as when and where they’re held.

TripSavvyi s another great resource for tips on what to do for free in Prague. With tips for places where you can chill out away from the rush of the city and places where you can spend time with friends, there are many outdoor areas and parks in the city. A famous place called Náplavka is popular as it’s located close to the river, surrounded by small cafes, boat restaurants, and clubs. During the spring and until autumn there are farmers markets in the area as well.

Cheap Drinks, Parties, & Nightlife In Prague

Now is time for the party lovers. In Prague, you can find lots of pubs, clubs, and bars. If you to enjoy music and cheap drinks, you have to check out Club Nebe. If you prefer to drink beer, you cant miss out on the most favourite pub Lokál.In addition to Lokál, many pubs and bars can be found on Dlouhá street, of which our personal favourite is a club called Karlovy lázně.

Living Cheaply In Prague

Here are couple of recommendation how to cheaply live in Prague while still enjoying all the city has to offer. For accommodation, you can use student housing, which is cheaper than renting a flat or a room in a shared house. Cooking for yourself is also much cheaper, as restaurants in Prague are a little bit expensive. But if you are a student, don’t forget to always carry your ISIC card, because the majority of monuments as well as restaurants and other places offer student freebies and discounts.

Save Money In Prague By Not Losing It

The best way to save money is to not get ripped off or scammed, which are both common in Prague. Keep yourself safe and don’t lose money by NEVER changing or exchanging it on the street, NEVER!!! While some people who will give you good rates, most of the money exchangers on the street are criminals hawking counterfeit currency.

Be careful about pickpockets in Prague as well, especially in the tram and another means of public transport. And your cheapskate proclivities might tempt you to not pay for a ticket when you ride public transportation, but beware, inspectors periodically check tickets and levy expensive fines.