How To Live Cheaply In Nairobi

Life in Nairobi is costly compared to other cities in Kenya. It appears as if every product and service costs more than it should. Before you realize this, your entire paycheck will already be depleted. Perhaps you need ways of stretching that check; and if so, then this post is your ultimate solution. You can save money during your time in Nairobi in various areas of your life by minimizing higher budgets to attain affordable shortcuts. Whether you intend to change your entire lifestyle or you are simply after small amendments, saving your cash is beneficial for both you and your future. 

Group Your Spending Patterns 

Typical expenses for a city resident are comprised of food, clothing, housing, entertainment, utilities, medical care, and travel. Start by revisiting your credit card statements and written checks for the previous months. Sum up the money you spent on these two areas plus any other categories that are specific to you. After doing this exercise, the next thing would be to analyze your spending. Gathering this information helps in comparing the totals in all the categories. Ask yourself whether the totals are reasonable, especially after viewing them as a percentage of your total paycheck. 

Prepare a Budget        

Creating a budget is key to saving money and living a cheap lifestyle in Nairobi city. Fix a monthly target on the amount of money you set aside for every category. Tips for budgeting your money are essential in this area. Financial experts usually recommend spending not more than thirty percent of your monthly earnings on housing facility. Perhaps this is not realistic to your physical location in the city; it would be necessary for changing the neighborhoods. Creating your budget enables you to determine the areas that need a reduction in the costs incurred. Come up with ways of saving in these categories. Consider your most significant expenses in priority.

Buy Listed Items in Bulk

Another critical strategy of saving money in city life is the secret of shopping with a list. This tip is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Prepare a list of all the food items you intend to buy then restrict yourself on the listed items when shopping. Impulse purchasing usually doubles or triples your grocery bill, and eventually results in things you didn’t plan. Shopping for non-perishable products in bulk is an excellent way of saving your money in the city. These items may include frozen foods, cooking oils, common spices, dry boxed goods, canned items, pasta, and other household stuff like paper towels and toilet papers.

Avoid Buying Pre-Made Food

Another tip for saving your money and living an affordable life in Nairobi is cooking from scratch. This habit is a great way of curtailing the high costs incurred on food at home. Most residents in Nairobi prefer buying pre-made food. While this may seem convenient at some point, it is relatively expensive. Buying the ingredients and preparing the meals from scratch saves on the costs fact, opting for staple ingredients over the pre-made meals makes you cook more food at less money. 

Choose For Cheaper Neighborhoods

While it may seem to be painful, moving just a few blocks saves your money in the city. People who have had the opportunity of relocating to the outskirts of Nairobi city have made significant savings of their incomes. You could save some cash on transportation and housing just by moving closer to your place of work. 

Utilize the Free Community Resources

Save on your entertainment costs by finding free or cheap events sponsored by the county government of Nairobi city. There may be more current events than you may be informed. Confirm with the prevailing city recreation department for any fun activities. Nairobi city sponsors free art exhibits every year. Besides, public city museums also provide free access most often.


To most nairobians, following the advice above is not an easy task. Most of the tips mentioned here require total sacrifice, denial of modern convenience and relaxation; however, there are numerous future benefits accrued. Try now and enjoy these many rewards of saving your money and living a cheap life in Nairobi!

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