Cheap Living And Traveling In Chelyabinsk On A Budget

Want to visit Chelyabinsk? Well you’re in luck, because this guide outlines the best ways to live in and travel to Chelyabinsk Russia as cheap as possible. Chelyabinsk is an interesting Russian city, and is famous for the Chelyabinsk Event — where a meteorite blazed through the atmosphere and struck the ground in 2013. But without further ado, here are some inexpensive ways to travel and live if you find yourself in Chelyabinsk.

Cheapest Way To Get To The City From The Chelyabinsk Airport

The cheapest way to get from the airport to the city center is by bus №1. It runs every 20 minutes daily from 7:00 to 20:00. This is not the fastest means of public transportation, but definitely the cheapest way to get to the city from the airport. The trip will cost a mere 23 rubles ($0.35).

Alternative options include taxis such as Uber or the local Yandex taxis, which are very common in Chelyabinsk. A trip to the center in a taxi will cost around 500 rubles ($7.8).

Cheap Accommodation in Chelyabinsk

One of the favorite places among tourists and local travelers alike for budget accommodation is a hostel called “Horoshii”, located at Novorossiyskaya st, 9. A bed in this hostel will cost about 350 rubles ($5.4) per night, while a single room will run you 900 rubles ($ 13.8). It is a good place, but the only caveat is that it is not located in the center of the city. Hotels in the center will cost you 1500R ($23) per night.

Cheap Shopping In Chelyabinsk

Stocks of branded items with good discounts in Chelyabinsk are not easy to find. One of the best places to find cheap shopping deals is the “Familia” store at Moldavskaya st, 16. Levis, Zara, Massimo Dutti, and other branded items can often be found here. However, on arrival days when the stock arrives, crowds of people often there to take advantage of the deals and find the best stuff.

Cheap and Tasty Food In Chelyabinsk

One of the most popular places for locals and visitors to get cheap food is the Patriot canteen. In Chelyabinsk, the Patriot canteen has 15 locations in various parts of the city. Here you can have a tasty lunch that will cost you 300 rubles ($4.6) on average.

If you are more attracted to restaurant-style food establishments, then one of the most famous places is the Svoya Companiya. In the city they have five different locations. Here you can eat for 700 rubles ($10.7), but in this restaurant there are often long queues and wait times. During busy days, you might have to wait 20-30 minutes if you have not made a reservation in advance.

Free Food In Chelyabinsk

While free food cannot be found in Chelyabinsk year round, you can get food for free during the holidays. For example, on May 9th, everyone is treated to complementary soldier porridge. Many people donate food for free when moving as well. They do it through the social network vkontakte in the group besplatno_chel_eda, so make sure to check that out while you’re there.

Cheap Entertainment And Fun In Chelyabinsk

If you like to dance, be sure to visit Bachata dancing in Chelyabinsk. They gather every Wednesday in the very center of the city — Kirova st, 110. Entrance costs only 100 rubles ($1.5).

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