Saving Money In Marrakech

The Where, Why, and How Cheap Of Morocco’s Capital City

Thinking about where your next destination might be? If you’re looking for adventures to be had while on a budget, then the city of Marrakech is your answer. Alive with an eclectic blend of unique culture, exquisite architecture, arts and adventures about which no others can be compared, you can easily see why tourists name it the heart, soul, and cultural bellwether of the country. Here, a guide to touring Morocco’s red city without exhausting your wallet.

The Perfect Time To Visit Marrakech

Marrakech has sunny weather throughout the year, making it a tourist go-to destination. However, Mild temperatures and the lower amount of tourists make spring and fall the best times to explore the city. The beginning of the summer has nice weather as well, while July to September cannot be tolerated if you are not used to extremely high temperatures.

Where To Stay For Cheep In Marrakech

The Riads are the most common places where visitors prefer to stay, which are traditional Moroccan houses with courtyard or a garden in the middle. We strongly recommend staying in one for the experience of it alone, and of course, because they are a lot cheaper than hotels. They are all over the medina where most historic attractions are located. Riads like Riad Rainbow Marrakech offer a six-bed room for as cheap as $6 USD per night for a bed. It is safe, clean, offers Wi-Fi and is a great place to meet other travelers from around the world. However, if you rae looking for something less communal, Riad Tamazouzt, Dar Lilas, and The Arabic House can be as little as $25 USD per night for a private room.

Where To Eat For Cheap In Marrakech

Marrakech Food Tours organizes a street food tour around the medina. It is a three and a half hour walk, hopping from one food place to another. Do this tour on the first evening in Marrakech so that if you like a place, you can pin it on your app or remember the surrounding landmarks so that you can return to it. Ask your guide — usually either Youssef or Amanda — about their other safe and excellent recommendations. This tour wis great and extremely informative, but for $65 USD for adults and $3 USD for kids (5-12), it’s a bit pricy for the cheapest of travelers.

Cheap Things To Do In Marrakech

Jamaa el-fnaa, a Square located in the city, it is a popular courtyard for entertainment and shopping for Moroccans and tourists alike, so it is widely regarded as the heart of the city. Tourists come from all parts of the world to enjoy seeing the beautiful shows and street art / performances that are held in the area — especially the death defying snake charmers, the great storytellers, as well as exciting musical and theatric displays with dancing, and fancy costumes. There are also henna tattoo artists and various other things to do and see to some up the unique heritage of the city. Jamaa el-Fnaa has even been included in the list of the top intangible heritage destinations of humanity by UNESCO in 2001.

Another cheap yet rewarding place to visit in Marrakech is Koutobia Mosque, the spiritual center of Marrakech. The Koutoubia silo is one of the most famous minarets in the architecture of the Islamic Maghreb, and is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city. This magnificent structure, with its towering height and majestic body, perfectly compliment the splendor of the natural panorama of the city.

Jardin Majorelle is a jewel of greenery and color within the city, a small sanctuary of peace located in the heart of Marrakesh. This garden oasis was created in 1931 by the French painter and artisan Jacques Majorelle, later being saved and restored by the designer Yves ST. Laurent, who once owned the gardens. Entrance into the garden is $7.

Saadian Tombs are another can’t-miss attraction in Marrakesh. The tombs of the Saadian date back to the 1500s during the rules of sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur of the Saadian dynasty. They are among the historical attractions and cultural features of the Red City, which is a favorite among history buffs and lovers of early civilizations. It is a unique and special place that adds to the cultural richness of the Red City. This archeology site is the burial ground of the sultan, his family, soldiers, and servants. They are open to visit from 9am to 4:45pm at a price of $1 for adults and 30 US cents for kids.

Among the Moorish mosques and places in the city, you will find one of the most awe-inspiring places in Marrakech to be Bahia Place, with its intricate, kaleidoscope-like tile work and lush gardens with reflective pools. Entrance is the equivalent of $2 USD, open Monday to Sunday from 8am to 5pm.

Cheap Drinks & Nightlife In Marrakesh

Although Marrakech is known first and foremost for its natural and historical treasures, its interesting nightlife is also a great source of enjoyment for frugal tourists. An array of entertainment spots cater to all sorts of tastes and reflect the country’s diverse history. The following are some places to consider if you want to get a cheeky drink on for cheap:

  • La Salama Restaurant and Lounge located near jamaa el-fenaa — The food menu at La Salama is all Moroccan, and it rages between 15 and 30 USD. The décor is a blend of traditional Moroccan riad and the look and feel of a jazz bar. On the roof top you can enjoy hookah and cocktails (two for the experience of one cocktails).
  • Dar Anika — Dar Anika is a great place for a romantic nightcap with a roof top level view. Their staff is very friendly and the owner is always around to check in on the guests and make sure they are well attended to.
  • Mama Afrika — If you want to have a taste of sub-Saharan Africa, Mama Africa is your best bet. It has funky décor and great food that is miles different than the local cuisine.
  • Theatro — As an outstanding nightclub that is known for its amazing performances with dancers and acrobats. you can go there to see international DJs. However, there is a catch for the cheapskates out there… and that is the price tag. The entrance fee is about $20 USD, and a table with a bottle of choice starts at $100 USD.

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