Pinching Pennys In Prague

How To Cheaply Live And Travel In Prague On A Budget

So you’ve just landed in Prague and your pockets are nearly empty… Welcome. As the capital city in the Czech Republic, Prague is of course full of historical monuments, but also shops, clubs and other entertainment venues that an adept cheapskate can enjoy on a budget.

Cheaply Seeing The Sites In Prague

Of the many historic sites in Prague, Prague Castle is one of the more popular, and you can visit this area free of charge. But while the entrance to the castle area is free of charge, you still have to pay to visit the interior of the castle. Click here for more info on Prague Castle.

Along with Prague Castle, Petřín hill is an amazing place that is free to visit in Prague. Petřín hill is place with beautiful gardens and one of the most romantic atmospheres, the perfect place for a cheap date. On top of Petřín hill. is Petřín Loockout Tower. If you feel like splurging, it’ll cost ya 150 CZK to visit the top.

Another historically important monument is also the oldest bridge in Prague, Charles bridge. By the bridge and in the surrounding area you can find many historical statues and beautiful towers on both sides of the bridge. The Staroměstská and Malostranská towers are also popular attractions in the area, showcasing some of the most impressive gothic architecture in the world. But if you want to get inside, you have to pay.

From Charles bridge you can go directly to the Old Town Square. This area is full of historical monuments, museum etc., the most famous of which being the Astronomical Clock. The clock strikes at both 9am and 11pm, at which point twelve Apostles are set into motion.After Old Town Square you can make a quick visit to Venceslas Square. The area is full of shops, restaurants, clubs, and more. Furthermore, the country’s National Museum is also located in this area. Learn more about their exhibitions and opening hours at their website.

Prague is full of interesting places of historical value, and at Prague City Line you can find loads of information about the city as well as a guide for a do-it-yourself city walking tour. Sightseeing tours are generally very expensive, but with helpful books and sites like Prague City Line to guide you through every aspect of the city, you can see all the historical sites without skipping a beat.

A lot of monuments are close to each other, so we recommend walk from one to the next as you’ll save a bunch of money on transportation.

Cheap Food In Prague

But enough of the site seeing, you’re probably hungry. In Prague there are many types of restaurants and fast food places. Generally, in shopping centers such as a Palladium, Nový Smíchov, or Quadrio you can find a wide variety of cheap and fast foods from restaurants in their food courts. A place where you shouldn’t get food is on the Venceslas Square. It is very expensive is to buy food on the streets in this area. If you are looking to try typical Czech cuisine, U Medvídků comes highly recommended. Be it either here or and a similar restaurant, it is typically cheaper to order from the menu of the day, which offers five kinds of food specials daily that are cheaper than comparable items on the main menu.

Cheap Places To Hang Out In Prague

If you stay in Prague for long periods of time, there are many options for cheap hobbies and things to entertain yourself. You can find many interesting event that free of charge to attend. Check City Bee and Vstup Zdarma for exact info on the rich programs and the events that occur as well as when and where they’re held.

TripSavvyi s another great resource for tips on what to do for free in Prague. With tips for places where you can chill out away from the rush of the city and places where you can spend time with friends, there are many outdoor areas and parks in the city. A famous place called Náplavka is popular as it’s located close to the river, surrounded by small cafes, boat restaurants, and clubs. During the spring and until autumn there are farmers markets in the area as well.

Cheap Drinks, Parties, & Nightlife In Prague

Now is time for the party lovers. In Prague, you can find lots of pubs, clubs, and bars. If you to enjoy music and cheap drinks, you have to check out Club Nebe. If you prefer to drink beer, you cant miss out on the most favourite pub Lokál.In addition to Lokál, many pubs and bars can be found on Dlouhá street, of which our personal favourite is a club called Karlovy lázně.

Living Cheaply In Prague

Here are couple of recommendation how to cheaply live in Prague while still enjoying all the city has to offer. For accommodation, you can use student housing, which is cheaper than renting a flat or a room in a shared house. Cooking for yourself is also much cheaper, as restaurants in Prague are a little bit expensive. But if you are a student, don’t forget to always carry your ISIC card, because the majority of monuments as well as restaurants and other places offer student freebies and discounts.

Save Money In Prague By Not Losing It

The best way to save money is to not get ripped off or scammed, which are both common in Prague. Keep yourself safe and don’t lose money by NEVER changing or exchanging it on the street, NEVER!!! While some people who will give you good rates, most of the money exchangers on the street are criminals hawking counterfeit currency.

Be careful about pickpockets in Prague as well, especially in the tram and another means of public transport. And your cheapskate proclivities might tempt you to not pay for a ticket when you ride public transportation, but beware, inspectors periodically check tickets and levy expensive fines.

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