Cheap Fun In Frankfurt

A Candid Discussion on the Cheaper Side Of Frankfurt

General Cheap Shopping In Frankfurt

For household items, word on the street is that Leipziger Strasse has those cheap household items. There are many shops such as Mixx,Tiger, Tedi, and Woolworth. If you’re into online shopping, will likely have what you’re looking for on the cheap. And for fresh food and groceries, Lidi and Aldi are notoriously cheap supermarkets that can be found throughout Frankfurt. For clothes shopping in Frankfurt, you have places like Primark and C&A, and for cosmetics, healthcare items, household products, and health food, you have DM. If you’re in the market for second hand TVs, the Flohmarkt in höchst (Samstag und Donnerstag) has you covered. But if your shopping in Frankfurt for specific items, there are a few tricks you should know.

Cheapest SIM Cards In Frankfurt

With sim cards, for instance. Our so-called friend thought the cheapest prepaid sim card in Germany was like Lebara or some shit with shops er’where for only 8.00 Euro with 2GB of 4G data and unlimited calls and sms exchanges. We suggested to our friend to consider the cheeky Telecommunication Company YourFone. White-Boy Jimmy spoke up saying, “MediaMart has sim cards for sale at 9.99 Euros.” I was all, “True, but AldiTalk got those Johnny Blazin cheap sim cards and data plans up in Frankfurt for 7.99 Euros per month with unlimited calls and texts plus 1.5GB data.” White-Boy Jimmy asked, “But you gotta register that shit doe?”. I Said “Yeah. Just show the cunts your passport and theyll log it…. a simple task you nitwit son of a twat.” I thought again to myself and realized that I forgot about WhatsAppSim. “You can get more flexible plan and bundle shit together with those Facebook fucks for the cheapest and most versatile prepaid sim card in Germany. For 10-15 Euro, you can bundle the mobile minutes with the data, texts, n’ shit with their monthly 10-Euro plan. The bundle comes with 2000 Units, which can be exchanged for any mix of calls, text messages, and data usage. And the best part is, you will still have internet when the 2000 Units are all spent up, but it’ll just be at a slower speed.”

Cheapest Airlines From Frankfurt to the US

Then our friend J.Q asked us if we knew anywhere to get cheap airlines that fly out of Frankfurt to the US? Homey was even trynna get those last minute flight plans hooked up and prefered not to spend €1,000. We be like,l “J.Q, where in the US you finna go:?” and J.Q said anywhere in the southwest or western part of the US would be be fine. I told her you can find some bomb deals if you fly out of Dusseldorf or even Berlin, but she wasnt had’n dat. We were like, ok, Wow Air hoos it up some times with some cheap cheeky last minute airline flights, or check out Norwegian, Icelandair, and Air Condor, thy have great deals consistently and on a regular basis. Alternatively, doe J.Q bro,” I said, “you can also look for SAS.” Then J.Q was like “ what dat doe?” and I be “Scandinavian Airlines doe”. I piqued J.Q’s interest so the girl asked more follow up questions. I told her Condor has those cheeky flight deals to Seattle and Portland, but if you make an extended layover in Heathrow, you can take a cheeky stopover in London. I told the fool Amsterdam’s what’s up and stopovers there are also an option. But then our buddy Skippy started pontificating about SkyScanner and we were like… Duh Skippy, you dumb cunt. But Norwegian Air has it on lock doe with that 400 Euro shit.  

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