Cheap Whips, Inexpensive Whiskey, And Low-Cost Hostels In Warsaw

Living And Traveling In Warsaw Poland For Less

Whether you’re looking for tips to travel cheap in Warsaw or are planing to live there for extended period of time, here are some ways to not break the bank during your time in Warsaw Poland.

Cheap Hostels In Warsaw

Looking for an affordable yet nice hostel here in warsaw for staying a couple days or a couple weeks? Mish Mash is a nice one that Cheapskate Life highly recommends. It’s clean, quiet, and near centrum. A few others include Tatamka hostel and Tapir Hostel. The cheapest one in town, however — at least during the time of this writing — is Oki Doki Hostel located at Dąbrowskiego 3, 00-057 Warszawa.

Cheap Bars In Warsaw

While not the cheapest, Pub Lolek in Pole Mokotowskie is a great venue with a big screen TV and several smaller TVs — perfect for catching sporting events like the World Cup. Pub Ceska has great beer and a great atmosphere. The food is just so-so, but the beer is on point.  (but as Czech I don’t like the food there, beer is good though). Some of the less-than-frugal folk out there may prefer Bohemia, but the price is a not at cheapskate levels.

When you’re feeling like a pint of Guinness or St. Patty’s day is rolling around, Emerald is a great and not-too-expensive Irish Pub. On a similar vein, the British Bulldog Bar.will give you that Imperial feel without forcing you to chattel slavery. A few other honorable mentions include the Green Goose (Zielona Gies), Bar Bambino on Krucza in the centre, and Bar Szawa, the latter selling delicious tak, zapraszam, and paella on occasion. While we could go on and on, we’ll keep it at that. If you’re still looking for more cheap bars in Warsaw, most of them behind Nowy Swiat Street offer reasonable prices.

Cheap And Free Activities In Warsaw

There are many free walking tours of the old Town offered daily by a variety of companies in Warsaw. Lots of museums also have a free day. Just go on their websites to see which day and go on that day. All this walking around got you feeling hungry? For the cheapest food in Warsaw, head on over to one of many Bar Mleczny, which are nice eateries that are subsidised by the government — and therefore cheap as can be.

Cheap Shopping In Warsaw

As far as cheap shopping goes in Warsaw, online is probably your best bet. If you’ll be around for a few weeks, AliExpress is really cheap, but other sites like Ebay and Allegro are competitive, and they don’t take weeks to ship their stuff. Go to the small shops in the underground under central train station (next to Zlote Tarasy) and you can find a lot of good and cheap stuff for sale.

For the Warsaw expats looking for a cheap internet package in Warsaw without a contract, Play is highly recommended, and so too is Orange. However, if you don’t need a wireless solution, the cheapest internet package with the most/best deals on data is from UPC.  

Cheap Rental Car Companies In Warsaw

If you find yourself on the hunt for a rental car in Warsaw, there are a few options we’ve found that pass muster. Express isn’t too bad and is among the cheapest with good service and decent cars. Another good one is Green Motion at the WAW Airport, with some of the lowest prices we have seen for rental cars in Warsaw. We at Cheapskate Life have personally rented cars from them and were never dissatisfied.

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