Living The Cheap Life in Lisbon

Are you planning to visit Lisbon? How lucky you are! Portugal’s biggest city is one of the hottest tech hubs in Europe and an acessible destination to escape the daily routine. Filled with fancy-but-cheap cafés with “Free Wi-Fi” signs glued to the windows, there’s no better place to get the inspiration you’re searching to start that project you’re always thinking about. Book a hostel in Cais do Sodré, eat a complete breakfast in Padaria Portuguesa for 2,5€ and enjoy the peaceful margins of Rio Tejo. Don’t be lazy: it’s just a few blocks away. No need to waste money on Uber or other kind of transportation.

While the cost of living in Lisbon has been going up in recent years. Blanca/Valbuena’s Guide to how much you’ll pay for things in Lisbon is a great resource to start out with. But if you want a further analysis, below are some great ways for living cheap in Lisbon.


Public transport in Lisbon is very affordable – 36 Euros for a full month, unless you’re based out of zone 1, then it’s a little more. In particular, buses are a fairly inexpensive way to get around both Lisbon and Portugal as a whole. For inter-city busses, you can ask the station assistants by the Zoo for help or you can research specific routes around the country or even content online.

There are also sites like CarpoolWorld where you can share a ride somewhere, a great way to help you live cheap in Lisbon. The only caveat is that if you need a return ride, it could prove problematic as there may not be one available right when you need it.


There is a cheap, Chinese-owned shop on rua poco dos negros not far from the tram station that is sure to aid you in your quest to live cheap in Lisbon. They sell everything! There are a few independent stores around the area that sell affordable kitchenware and much more, you just have to wander around a bit.


Food is relatively affordable (in line with UK prices). A cheap place to eat out is the RC-Restaurante on Santa Apolonia. Five Euros for good food which includes a 1-2 L bottle of wine or beer, a Coffee, and dessert. Aside from starving yourself or intermittent fasting, this is the next best option for cheap food in Lisbon.


Renting out a room is way cheaper than having a place to yourself. The average rent for a small apartment would be minimum 650 Euros — which goes against every cheapskate bone in my body. Cheaper places are possible to find but most are far from the centre. OLX is a good website to find cheap apartment rentals in Lisbon direct from the owners, but the site is also full of rental-agent listings so you need to look several times daily as there is a lot of competition on the demand side.

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