Maximizing Value in Vancouver

Officially the most expensive city in Canada and ranked 39th on list of global money holes, Vancouver proves challenging for even the thriftiest cheapskates. But we’ve managed to get our cheap hands on some priceless information and cheap travel tips in Vancouver to help you stay cheap during your stay in Van-city.


Get thrifty at the stores

Walmart–This giant of the retail industry is well known for always being super well-stocked and fully staffed. In simple words, you can get pretty much anything there, and most  importantly – CHEAP!!!. Check out Walmart North Vancouver in the Capilano Mall over on the north shore and also the one on Marine Drive for that thrifty shopping experience.

Value Village – Also known as Savers in some parts of Canada and most of America, Value Village is the old dog of the thrift business, having been founded even before Walmart, and with good reason. It’s impressive portfolio includes second hand shopping. Sure to whet the appetite of all cheapos out there. There are two in the city, one on Victoria Drive and the other Hastings Street.

Superstore– With a TV sitcom now sharing the same name, Superstore is becoming increasingly everyday as another go-to-place for bargain prices and a varied selection. Additionally, Superstore has a splendid selection of British friendly foods, including the goodol’staple of bacon.

Joe’s No Frills – Only 17 years young, this newbie to the retail industry is yet another place to check out for cheap goodies. Go to Denman Street, which is downtown just over the beautiful Lion’s Gate Bridge. It’s opened every day from 9am to 10pm.

A few honorable mentions include the Facebook page Community Closet and the free classifieds website Buy Sell Trade BC.

Online Cheaping

One great traveler tip that is often not given enough is online deals and giveaways. Take a 5 minute break from taking that selfie-stick assisted picture for your Insta and sign up for some of the local buy & sell sites and FB pages. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the loads of people who are selling stuff at uber affordable prices because they are moving away.


Taxis or cabs are usually much cheaper to hire from the airport than downtown (even if it’s the same company). Check out comparison websites like the one below when booking, so you can easily tell if you are getting a good price:…/canada/vancouver/

It’s usually even cheaper to rent from North Vancouver. Summer rates are always extremely high though, but it gets way cheaper in winter.

For rentals, Costco membership holders can get great deals. Don’t forget to look out for the always trusted Avis Rent a Car on Broadway for super-low prices as well.


On Granville street you can find  a few restaurant and bars that do proper portioned meals for as low $5. They’ll also throw in some good yet reasonably cheap beer to wash it down with. Check out The Famous Warehouse, there is one downtown and one on Hastings street. While still on Granville, for a little dose of some exotic cuisine, walk through the doors of Jamjar, a Lebanese restaurant serving folk Lebanese and Mediterranean dishes. There is also one more on Commercial Drive.


Freedom Mobile, formerly Wind Mobile, is offers some of the cheapest plans in the land. With decent coverage, a monthly plan is about as cheap as it gets. At only $35 per month for unlimited calls to the US and Canada, 5 GB of data and unlimited texts, this deal is a steal. The bonus is it’s also monthly, whereas many other providers only offer 2 year contracts. Step 1 for the Freedom mobile plan – open a basic bank account and they are crazily easy to set up. Try CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce), as opening an account there takes no more than 40 minutes. Forty minutes is often considered too long to the good people of CIBS, so don’t be surprised if you’re given me a Tim Horton gift card as an apology for the “long” wait. Yes a FREE Timmies gift card.


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