Living Cheap in Lima

When it comes to traveling and living cheap in Lima Peru, it’s really not that hard — especially for western expats and tourists with stronger currencies. So lets jump right in and learn the best ways to stay cheap in Lima.


Brisas Del Titicaca is very good just off Brasil Av. The production is excellent, showcasing authentic peruvian dance. The food, however, is a bit pricey. Juanitos bar in Barranco District is quite cheap. The show is not real… but it’s a classic “Lima bar” nonetheless. Wherever you go, ask if the show you want to see includes “Baile De Las TIjeras“, a justly famous dance.


The Magdalena Market is usually not very expensive and is pretty centrally located. Playa Pescadores in Chorrillos district also great. They have a big variety of freshly caught fish and shrimp. Local fishermen go there to sell their catch every morning. Better, bigger, and cheaper then in Wong, Metro, Tottus, etc. You have to go early in the morning or everything will be sold out. 

Cheaper still are the pescadores (fisherman) in Villa El Salvador. Worth the adventure for Lobster and a wide variety of great, freshly caught, fish. This is where all the big super markets and best restaurants buy, starting around 4am every morning. After 5.30am the prices start going up — so being a morning lark really pays. The only caveat is that it’s located in Villa Maria — which is not the safest district at that hour. It is recommended that you get a driver, as getting there and orchestrating a return ride at that time may prove to be difficult.  


Like for seafood, the Magdalena Market is also a good place to shop for household and kitchen supplies. You can also try the Surquillo Market, Makro, Tottus, and Sodimac, which sometimes have really good offers and discounts. These stores are cheaper than the ones in the center for many kitchen and household items.


To get around, you can hire a driver, get taxis, use Uber, or take public transportation. You can download phone apps like Moovit and TuRuta to help you organize and use public transportation.

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