Live Rich on a Budget in Rome

From inexpensive food and drink to cheap transportation, here are some cheap ways to travel Rome or live in Rome as an expat. Enjoy!


Rome has a fabulous and inexpensive public transit system. Buy a weekly or monthly pass and you can use the tram, buses, regional rail, and Metro (subway)… all on one pass. Rome Vacation Tips has a great guide detailing the best ways to use the public transport system in Rome.

Scooterino is a cool app you can download for on demand scooter ride sharing — like Uber with scooters. The MyTaxi app is like Uber as well, except they only use officially licensed and registered taxis.  Get €20 off on your first ride with the code “moonlight.inn”.

Need to get somewhere but want to drive yourself? Enjoy and Car2Go are great vehicle sharing platforms that allow users to find nearby vehicles on the street that are available for rent. Their respective apps enable users to find unused vehicles near their location, no need to book in advance. After driving to their destinations, users simply park the vehicle in a legal spot for the next guy to rent.

For longer journeys, try Flixbus for a superior overland trip.


Check out Rome Wise’s guide on where to eat well in Rome on a budget. An American in Rome also published an article which gives recommendations for the 7 best places to eat in Rome for seriously cheap. We’ll let them divulge the secrets about the cheapest places to eat in Rome

As far as cheap drinks and nightlife in Rome go, Bar San Calisto is among the cheapest. San Lorenzo is up there as well, with 3€ drinks that are pretty high-quality for the price. Visit Spotted By Locals to find many more budget-friendly places in Rome. Whether you’re looking for cheap ways to travel Rome or are settled down there and just want to save some Euros, they’ll sort you out.

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