Calculated Cheapskate

When a man named David Phillips was doing some light reading (on the back of a microwaveable dinner), he discovered an intriguing cross promotion. The company (Healthy Choice) was offering 1,000 miles for every ten bar codes submitted. The catch lies in the fact that Healthy Choice put bar codes on all their products (including individual servings of pudding). So what did David do? He went around and bought up shit-loads of pudding of course. He spent nearly $2,000 buying out countless supermarkets. In all, he purchased over twelve-hundred pudding packs, and as a result, acquired 1.25 million miles. But did David stop there? Fuck no. He got most of his light work taken care of by the salvation army, who collected the bar codes for him after he charitably donated the pudding packs (getting an $800 tax deduction). Needless to say that David and his family have been flying on Healthy Choice’s dime for years. He is now a lifetime member of American Airlines, enjoying a suite of perks and benefits.

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