Save on Office Space

Regardless of where you conduct business, there are various strategies concerning location that could be implemented.

First, consider if you even need an office. eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, or personalized E-commerce websites are all viable options for fledgling business. Carts, kiosks, and tents allow you to have a physical presence without the need for an expensive storefront. Sharing office space can be beneficial, so long as you find an appropriate entity to share it with. Share My Office is a website that connects businesses looking for office space with other businesses that have unoccupied spare rooms and desks.

Similarly, finding a property that allows short-term leases may be beneficial; especially if your company is rapidly expanding or undergoing solvency issues. If you need to look fancy for a few days to impress a potential client, renting an executive suite is probably your best bet. can help you find anything from a fully equipped meeting room or business lounge to training facilities and virtual offices. Get what you need to look professional, without having to pay professional prices.

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