Garage Sale Gold

When it comes to yard/garage sales, a savvy thriftster can have a heyday if they utilize proper timing and negotiation skills. See a large piece of furniture you fancy? If it is still available later in the day, they will likely sell it at a substantial discount rather than haul it back inside or to the local Goodwill. Silverware, pictures (with frames), tools, office supplies, and cast iron cookware all make good buys. But regardless of what you’re after, make sure to haggle to the last penny. A good negotiator isn’t afraid to ask for what they want. They are not aggressive, but instead assertive. They know the right questions to ask and allow the other party to dominate the conversation. Most importantly, though, a negotiator must approach the situation from a position of power. The person who wants it less will win the negotiation. This means that you must be prepared to walk away from the deal. If your counterparty sees your willingness to walk, they will likely concede to your requests.

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