Decoding Price Codes

When shopping, one should become familiar with the idiosyncratic price structures of the various local establishments. For example, if the price tag ends in 99 (i.e. 19.99), this usually indicates that the item is full/regularly priced. Every store is slightly different, so it pays to do a little due diligence. Sam’s Club, for instance, will display a c on the price tag for “clearance” items. Further, if you look at the product codes on the top right of the price tag, you will see a number. One means there is no discount; two means it is slightly discounted; seven means it is a one-time buy; and nine means it will be sent back to the manufacturer if it is not bought. Similarly, at Costco, any tag ending in an asterisk (*) means the product is a clearance item, and therefore substantially discounted. At Home Depot look out for green tags or those ending in six; at The Gap and Old Navy, look for the prices that end with a seven; and at Sears, the most discounted items end in 97.

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