Saving With Car Apps

Like with shopping, phone apps can also save you loads of money on your car. iGasUp is a great app that provides you with the ten cheapest gas station closest to your location. It also gives you directions on how to get there. Route optimization can also help those who are making several stops on a single journey. Delivery drivers, real estate agents, and house hunters alike can all make use of an app called Route4Me to reduce route distance by approximately 30%. Carticipate, Zimride, and BlahBlahCar are cool ride exchange applications that help users carpool across the city or across the world. They match individuals with others in their network who are traveling in the same direction. If you want a ride but don’t have a car, these platforms are definitely viable options for your travel purposes. If you don’t feel like sharing a car, consider companies such as ZIipcar or programs like Connect by Hertz. These organizations are revolutionizing the car sharing industry by allowing users to rent cars short term (daily or by the hour) and for a low price.

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