Online Trade and Barter

Somewhere between getting freebies and shopping online are online barter networks. SwapCaps and the now belly-up Yerdle are sites where you can post things for trade. Other sites are similarly designed to facilitate exchange. Barter Scoop and Barter Quest are two of the many sites one can visit to swap, trade, and barter. Rehash Clothes lets users trade clothing, BookMooch lets users trade books, and GameTZ lets users trade videogames. You can even use a site called GoSwap to find someone with whom you can permanently swap houses. Don’t have any goods to trade? No sweat. Exchange services like babysitting or housekeeping for other goods and services at

So you’ve tried freebie and trading sites but to no avail. Does this mean you must now accept defeat? No. It is not the end of the story, it’s just the beginning. You might be forced to pay for what you need, but there are still ways to exercise your thriftiness.

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