Free Stuff Online

In today’s connected society, the Internet has created many opportunities for the tech savvy cheapskate. If one knows where to look, discounts, sales, and downright freebies can all be taken advantage of. Craigslist, Freecycle, and the ReUseIt Network (RIN), are all websites where one can go to find free, unwanted, items. People post the belongings they no longer want/need, all you have to do is pick it up. With their peer groups, message boards, and localized networks, these sites enable people to connect and share. You can even post something you’re looking for, and if someone is getting rid of theirs, they will give it to you rather than pay disposal costs.

Over at Freaky Freddie’s Free Funhouse there are hundreds of offers for free stuff. Food samples, drinks, merchandise, hygiene products, household items, and anything else you could ever possibly want or need can be found, for free. You can even get a free packet of customizable toothpicks. If you can tolerate excessive junk mail (both digitally and in paper form), the amount of free stuff you can obtain is amazing., Free Mania, and countless other companies (especially weight loss and fad diet foods) offer similar freebies, just be aware of sneaky charges for shipping, handling, and processing.

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