Save While Getting Your Drink On

When it comes to drinks, a night on the town can do major damage to your bill-fold. Pre-gaming – getting drunk before you go out – can help immensely, reducing your drink expenditures and getting you primed and ready to party-on-arrival. When you’re going to clubs or bars, make sure to bring a flask or small bottle of liquor. Order a soda or juice then mix appropriately. You can hide alcohol in anything from Listerine bottles to empty sunscreen containers. There are countless secret flasks that can be purchased online, including, but not limited to, tampon flasks, camera flasks, bra flasks, and flasks that look like smartphones. You can even buy tie flasks, hidden wallet flasks, and beer holding hoodies, where bladders in the hood are depleted through hoses disguised as drawstrings.

If you must purchase drinks in-house, always buy beer, as it is usually the cheapest out of all the alcoholic libations. Additionally, buy beers on tap and by the pitcher (you usually get better deals when you buy in bulk). It is also prudent to indulge early. Drinking a fancy glass of scotch or an expensive micro-brew early-on as opposed to later in the night will insure that you maximize your enjoyment. It wouldn’t make sense to buy a high-class drink when you’re already cross-faded n’ turnt.

If you’re going out with the crew and want to visit a place that charges a cover, you can do the ol’ stamp transfer trick. You start by splitting the cost to get one person inside. He/she then comes out (making sure to get stamped of course) and, using a little moisture and pressure, you are able to transfer the ink from the imprinted hand. Lick the back of your pre-stamped hand then press it hard against the hand with the stamp on it. Wait a few seconds then separate. You will see that the stamp has been duplicated onto your own hand (albeit a little fainter). If the stamp is simple, it might be as easy as marking your hand with a Sharpie.

Doing a little research will definitely save you some coin. Many clubs and bars have happy hours, lady’s nights, or other promotional offers. Showing up before they start charging a cover can be smart, as is going out on weeknights. Local liquor stores often do tastings, where corporate reps give away samplings of wine, beer, or liquor. In crowded bars and clubs, keep your eyes on the ground. Alcohol, partying, and money exchanging hands provides the perfect opportunity for finding lost coins and banknotes.

When visiting coffee shops, convenient stores, or anywhere that sells drinks, bring your own cup to get a discount on refills. Even if you don’t, in many cases you can just say “one refill” at the register and they’ll believe you – they don’t get paid enough to refute assholes like you. Keep a Starbucks cup handy and bring it with you every time you go there for unlimited coffee at refill prices. Like with beer, getting your coffee in large doses (by the pot or press) is also a good idea. For the tea fanatics out there, when getting an iced tea from Starbucks, ask for no water and they’ll serve you a full cup of their condensed tea concoction, which can then be diluted at your discretion.

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