The Fine-Print Cheap-Artist

Paperwork with fine print is a fundamental aspect of every bureaucracy. No one wants to read that shit, including the people who write it. As was the case with a credit card company called Tinkoff Credit Systems. Like every credit card company, Tinkoff mails out card applications with relentless verve. One day, a man named Dmitry Argarkov received such an application, and instead of banishing it to the bowels of the local landfill, he decided to retort with a counter offer. After scanning the contract onto his computer and making a few alterations (such as no ATM fees, free taco bell, and a $100,000 termination fee), Argarkov signed the document and sent it back for review. To his surprise, Tinkoff accepted the agreement, and because the document was legally binding, Tinkoff had to uphold its end of the bargain (despite attempts to go back on the deal). Eventually, the two parties settled out of court for an undisclosed amount. Moral of the story, you too can use fine print just like those corporate cocksuckers.

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