Our Philosophy

When the pennies have been pinched and the dollars have all been stretched, the proverbial rainy day will completely dematerialize, leaving one with an ever-yearning desire to scrounge and scavenge, search and save. In order to laugh all the way to the bank, one must first take heed to not break said bank; and although you may be broke, that should never stop you from going for broke. There is no such thing as easy money, for money does not grow on trees. But if you are down and out and strapped for cash, we’ve got your greenback. In the venerable words of Confucius, “He who will not economize will agonize”. It is not the ego that compels us or those of similar ilk, nor is it a materialistic desire for consumerism. We are driven by an intrinsic urge to mobilize and optimize, with the understanding that a penny saved is a penny earned. The time value of money tells us future capital is worth less, and while the cash may flow and the revenue may stream, staying in the black can be difficult at best and seemingly impossible at worst. Where the bewildered herd blindly follow, the black sheep escape into the night. When flock mentality is the dominating paradigm, the free thinker will prevail. Get outside the box, invest in yourself, and keep living the Cheapskate Life. Stay cheap my friends!